Chateau d'If-1.1.jpg

Château d'If

by Nick Trees


It is without a doubt a challenge to rise, and create in a realm of nothingness. The Château d'If (shatow-deef) represents a place of solitude and training. Nobody really wants to be there, but it offers much time for one to improve oneself, and harness new skills in preparation for the future. I must say I have been fortunate to avoid being put away in the real "Château d'If" fortress, but I do consider the rooms I find myself temporarily living in as a small form of this. The beginning stages of my musical ability were derived in these rooms. I dedicated myself to the talents that I have knowing the risk of zero financial income, struggle and doubts. At the end of the day I find that the room has trained me, and prepared me for my future musically. I am grateful for my Château d'If. What is yours? And how will you overcome it?


No there’s no way of stopping me right now

Ima bring it harder never doubting myself

I do what I do no care

So dedicated I ain’t fuckin scared

Run around with me you’re gonna see me fly

And anybody doubting gives me drive

No it don’t take much from a king

Been away in the Chateau d’If

I’m the proof

Spend more time in a room to improve

On the sound of the fake to the truth

They can’t keep up with a man when he’s in a different realm

They don’t know what to do

Life will go on with or without us

But I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ ‘bout you

Now don’t go playing the name game to better your fame

Lame, is all of the same change

To fit in the same frame as all of these people who wanna be cool They’ll say the dreams are crazy

Cuz they never paid the late fees

So now they think I’m crazy

Cuz I still go and chase it

It’s quiet right here in a Chateau d’If

It’s hard to believe what if none of this ever works out

Why should I proceed?

I find it in my heart to reach the next level, to be the next level

In a world full of people trying to do the same thing

Trying to do the same thing, but you can’t cop me

Nick Trees Lyrics © 2016