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by Nick Trees

Spend a lot of time in the night
Everybody want that vice, and I don’t want it
Now we gotta fight for the life
Gotta go and get this right, but I don’t know how
How I’m gonna shine my light
Upon the world in a darker time, I think I know when
When I’m gonna shine so bright
Illuminating all that I write, keep it goin’
Goin’ around the universe now
Can you feel the motion and sound, I know you hear it
Everything is gettin’ real loud
Louder when I open my mouth, can you feel it
When I feel ok in the realm
The lovin’ is crucial now, you gotta know it
Gotta spread the lovin’ around
But everybody heartless now, and I don’t know… why?

See you when the moonlight rises

Automatic, hurricanic, vocals in the ocean
Value every minute that you’re free of the commotion
And if you’re down to make a change then give it all devotion
Why you always gotta lie put it in the potion
I know you have feelings but you’re too scared to show it
And now I’m thinking “why would I leave when I know this
I’m tired of the people who think they know it, all

No I can’t believe it
Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on anymore
No I can’t believe it
Sometimes when I’m walking alone, through the storm

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