We can show em Artwork-1.1.jpg

We can show em

by Nick Trees

Go and show em all just how you got the groove
Go and show them homies how you got the groove, and drop this groove drop this groove

Gotta show ‘em all what to do with the groove in the music
Let it unfold
Gotta show ‘em all how to move
Let the groove guide you let me drop this groove

Not much that a dreamer can do without patience
I keep on going, motivated
And when its tough I really hate it
But keep on pushin’ keep on skatin
Go and show them homies what to do
When you wanna be the proof, in a world full of boozing and choosing
Trying not to lose it always surrounded by the doubting minds

Hey oh never let it go before you get what you want out of life
Hey oh never give up when you’re right there

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